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Flexible Graphite, Foil, Tape, Paper Roll, Reinforced with Stainless steel

Flexible graphite(or graphite foil) is manufactured from high-purity natural graphite (expanded flake graphite)!

Flexible Graphite Foil

Flexible Graphite Gasket Sheets

Flexible Graphite Packing/Tape/Rings,

Six Characteristics of Graphite Foil:

1. The ease of processing of graphite paper: Graphite paper can be die-cut into different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses, and can provide die-cut flat plates with thicknesses ranging from 0.05 to 1.5m.

2. High-temperature resistance of graphite paper: The maximum temperature for using graphite paper can reach 400 ℃, and the minimum temperature can be below -40 ℃.

3. The high thermal conductivity of graphite paper: The maximum in-plane thermal conductivity of graphite paper can reach 1500W/mK, with a thermal resistance 40% lower than aluminum and 20% lower than copper.

4. The flexibility of graphite paper: Graphite paper can easily be laminated with metal, insulation layer, or double-sided adhesive to increase design flexibility, and can have adhesive on the back.

5. The lightness of graphite paper: Graphite paper is 30% lighter than aluminum of the same size and 80% lighter than copper.

6. The usability of graphite paper: The graphite heat sink can smoothly adhere to any flat or curved surface.

Application of graphite paper

Mainly used as a basic material for sealing ring seals, mechanical seals, graphite strips, fillers, composite plates, cylinder gaskets, and graphite seals.

Widely used in industries such as power, petroleum, chemical, instrumentation, machinery, and diamond for dynamic and static sealing of machinery, pipes, pumps, and valves, it is an ideal new sealing material to

replace traditional sealing components such as rubber, fluoroplastics, and asbestos.


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