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Iron And Steel

1.    In the steel industry, natural flake graphite can be used to produce refractory insulation materials such as magnesium carbon bricks and aluminum carbon bricks due to its good oxidation resistance. Artificial synthesized high-purity graphite can be used as an electric grade for ironmaking, while electric grades made from pure natural high-purity graphite cannot be used in ironmaking heating furnaces with stricter standards.


2.   In machinery, graphite materials are generally used as wear-resistant and wetting raw materials. Pure natural flake graphite has good wetting properties and is commonly used as a preservative for lubricating grease. The machinery and equipment for transporting corrosive substances generally use piston rings, sealing rings, and rolling bearings made of artificially synthesized high-purity graphite, and do not require the addition of lubricating grease during operation. Pure natural high-purity graphite and polymer materials such as epoxy resin polymer materials can also be used in the industry, but their wear resistance is not as good as artificially synthesized high-purity graphite.

3.  Graphite and other impurity materials can be used as carburizing agents in the steelmaking industry

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